About Samantha

About Samantha:
Online Community Facilitator

Samantha Logan is a 25 year old woman and the Former Executive Director  of RESCQU NET (Trans* Youth Channel). She began as an activist for the LGBT+ community on her first Youtube channel, ‘Nameissammi where she spoke about her gender transition coming full circle; from just starting out, to post op with Dr. Suporn in just 3 years.

Samantha is also a college student (graduating fall 2017) majoring in Communication and minoring in Anthropology.  She specializes in Online Community Facilitation.  It is her utmost desire to foster powerful, meaningful and strong communities around brands, products, services, and passionate causes.  She has extensive PR/Marketing experience working with Constant Contact, a large email, social media, and event marketing platform that she has learned a great deal from and ran her own community for six years on RESCQU NET.

In her free time Samantha’s hobbies include, fine art and graphic design, steampunk fashion or decor, and table-top gaming. You’ll often find her in coffee shops or bars socializing with family and friends about the latest science, art, or communications theories to come about in the world.  She is a big science and Sci-Fi nerd.

With this blog Samantha hopes that she and her volunteers will bring about a movement that enforces and fosters networks of communities to have better conversations, build greater bonds, and develop longer-lasting outcomes.

To contact Samantha please email her at Samantha@RESCQU.NET!

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