I’d like to take a moment…

Hello everyone.

This blog is from me, not related to class or communication or communities or work.  I want to take a moment to discuss my absences in posting after deciding to do this blog every week (yeah, that went well) and providing a plan for what I will post.

Here’s the thing.  This all feels forced.  So so so very forced.  Writing about what i want to write about in a community I want to build just does not fit in with any class.  And i’ve been on spring vacation and in school in wellington doing writing assignments for classes and in all honesty…..they have no place here on a public blog that I want to build.  Yet I am required to do a blog for them.  I feel like the space I wanted to create has been stolen and written FOR me and that’s just simply no way to do a blog about inquisitive, high value, rich-media content.  I want to make this a reality but there is a simple truth about myself i have had to swallow over the past few months…

I am not a content creator.  I have been in the past with my youtube channel and with Trans Youth Channel and with RESCQU NET.  I made my own things then.  And it worked. It can work in the future.  But this past term of this class has shown me how much  I dislike making someone else’s content for their purposes (although not for their standards) and for that reason, being a content creator under contract or for a class simply has never stuck with me.

I want to be authentic to viewers.  In all actuality I don’t have many.  But the best way to be authentic is to be straightforward.  I am not a content creator in a blogging community at this point.  I want to talk and discuss.  Create discourse, develop ideas, and have great interactions around the content others make while producing the content I own.  I want to promote good ideas, and suss out bad ideas for the quality they can provide.  I’ve learned something about myself and that is that I cannot make fettered content.

So from now until my class ends, most of my articles are going to feel forced – because they are.  This is not a medium I am comfortable using to appease my teachers.  So I want to formally apologize for that.  I’m a square peg fitting in to a round hole here.

With that in mind, i endeavor to make that content as best as I can.  Please look forward to what I have to say regardless.

2 thoughts on “I’d like to take a moment…

  1. Anthony

    Go you! One of the hardest things for any creator to overcome is the feeling of being forced into work; it saps the brain of creativity, and makes what you do produce feel ‘not good enough’.

    I doubt anyone reading this will agree with that sentiment, I’m just happy to see you writing!

    Best of luck, I’ll always be happy to tag along for your journeys!


  2. I’m with you Samantha. Being forced to write, as Anthony said, is terrible. I feel like I’m being forced to start a Blog about my Start-up company LoanCheck. What is really a drag is writing when the last thing you feel good about is your “writing skills” . For example: This sentence is in my How To manual – LoanCheck’s exceedingly comprehensive loan analysis will bring complete transparency to each transaction. Seems as exciting as watching paint dry right? But, when I think about how many good people my company will employ, the millions of people it will help, and the LoanCheck Reporting system replacing the inadequate and obsolete Loan Pre-Approval Letter system I am bolstered to fight on, or find a Ghost Writer.

    Good luck with getting your ideas to write about. I too look forward to seeing where it will go.


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